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Anas Alaoui (Author)

Anas Alaou You vs You

The owner of the book, “YOU vs. YOU”, Anas Alaoui is an author and a blogger based out of Arlington, VA. He immigrated to the United States at a very young age, reuniting with his mother, who had moved to the USA six years earlier in search of a better life for her family. Prior to that, Anas had been raised by his grandmother and his father’s family. Once Anas was reunited with his mother, they relied heavily on each other for support, both emotionally and financially.

Anas attended public school, taking part in a number of sports. His mother enrolled him in several after school activities where he excelled in karate and kickboxing. He acted as a mentor to younger kids in the neighborhood, directing and encouraging them to do the right things and to set themselves up for a successful future. Passionate about technology from a young age, Anas was always drawn to computers, with a keen interest in both the software and the hardware. In addition, he learned web development early on that helped him with his internet marketing.

When Anas was 16, he found his first job. He worked at a movie theater for a minimum wage in order to help his mother with rent. Around the same time, he first heard about Internet marketing and affiliate marketing. After he graduated from high school, Anas chose to forego college and to instead get a full-time job at a dealership. He taught himself the Spanish language to dominate the industry. Anas was soon a top seller. His confidence at an all-time high, he then devoted all of his free time to studying the intricacies of the stock market, inspired by images of big mansions that the traders owned and inhabited. A few months after this, he discovered Forex trading and signed up for a seminar, and soon after, he knew that he was onto something big.

Still holding down a twelve-hour-per-day schedule at the dealership, Anas traded currency mostly at night, targeting the particularly volatile London session. He took some lumps early on, well-funded with the money he made selling cars, he continued on, striving to master Forex trading and to devise his own trading strategies. During this time, he developed a strong relationship with one of the dealerships managers, who was also heavily invested in real estate projects. After a single property rehab project, Anas realized that he could now support himself by going into business for himself, and so he did, focusing entirely on Forex, real estate, and a return to Internet marketing. Now self-employed, Anas had the time that he needed to expand his business empire, and after a few more years, he put together some capital and opened his own brick-and-mortar convenience store.

When Anas is not busy keeping up with his career as a businessman, he volunteers his time in order to contribute positively to his community. He spends large amounts of time at pet adoption events and soup kitchens, often bringing food to the homeless and spending time with people who are less fortunate, listening to their stories and connecting with them on a personal level. He is also fond of animals, serving as a dog walker at the neighborhood shelter and contributing to animal welfare groups. His hobbies include staying in shape, reading books, and imaging other people’s perspectives. He aspires to open his own hedge fund eventually, with every financial step that he takes directed toward that end goal.

With his initial Kindle book, You versus You: Unlocking Your Ideal Self To Achieve Peak Performance, Productivity, and Success, Anas has embarked on teaching success seekers the world over about the simple power of mindset and goal setting in helping people realize their dreams. He aims to write a series of practical success books based on his direct personal experiences conceiving, setting up, building, and growing successful enterprises.